Experimental GRAV Update Pre7 - 13.0 Patch Notes

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    ------- PATCH 13 PRE1 2015-03-23 20:20 EST -------

    -IMPROVEMENT: New front-end menu and the much lamented SOLO PLAY button!

    -IMPROVEMENT: New Item! Jump boots. When equipped player can double jump! This Blueprint can drop when your Job is an Acrobat and your Acrobat Level is 10+

    -IMPROVEMENT: Rare resources have been spotted in the wild. These resources have a chance to drop more Crafting Materials than non-rare resources.

    -IMPROVEMENT: New base item! Flood lights. Darkness got you down? Build some FLOOD LIGHTS!!

    -IMPROVEMENT: Improved readability of room build failures and added more error types to indicate why something can't be built

    -IMPROVEMENT: During a Jump you can now do a Dodge

    -IMPROVEMENT: When a base item or building is self destructed the resources dropped will fly directly to the self destructor. Additionally self-destructed items drop 85% of the original build cost instead of the usual reduction value.

    -IMPROVEMENT: During a Dodge you can now go into the Wingsuit

    -IMPROVEMENT: Damage Stims now have a shader to show when it is active.

    -IMPROVEMENT: JetPack+ has its own special material now.

    -BALANCE: Nexus shields can no longer be built on top of unfriendly player bags/souls. This prevents the denial of service exploit of locking a player's bag down until timeout.

    -BALANCE: Reduced cost of stargates to allow planet hopping to occur earlier

    -BALANCE: Turrets no longer fire on non threatening NPCs

    -BUGFIX: Fixed an issue causing new planets to pick one particular biome more frequently than the others

    -BUGFIX: Fixed more issues preventing monocycles to get proper client corrections from server (fixes jumppad popping)

    -BUGFIX: Base Items and Buildings will now take into account the upgrade level when calculating how many resources to drop on destruction.

    -BUGFIX: Fixed all resources being level 1 on initial creation of a planet

    -BUGFIX: Invis Stims now hide most everything that could give you away.

    -BUGFIX: Fix Guardians' Ground Pound Attack Damage being off centered.

    -PATCHDANCE: A New Dance Added
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    Patch 13 PRE 2 up on experimental
    ------- PATCH 13 PRE2 2015-03-24 23:00 EST -------

    -IMPROVEMENT: Level cap raised to 60! New armor set blueprints will now drop above level 40

    -IMPROVEMENT: Team chat is now a brigher color to make it easier to read

    -IMPROVEMENT: Exo planets now all have more unique names

    -IMPROVEMENT: Added new open topped (OMCR) Room w/DoorFrame

    -BALANCE: Nexus Shields are no longer allowed in caves/dungeons. This is to prevent caves from trivially being 'locked down' and breaking game experience for other players.

    -BALANCE: Increased the number of bosses spawning in the world

    -BALANCE: Tweak cost parameters for armory built items to be more friendly (lower numbers)

    -BALANCE: Wing suit deployment now costs less stamina

    -BALANCE: We now drop the Non-Elemental version of items before we drop the elemental versions.

    -BALANCE: Bosses now drop Element-X transmuted materials

    -BALANCE: Increased chance to drop higher level transmute materials

    -BUGFIX: Fixed balconies/bridges tearing down full walls when build with 'preserve walls'

    -BUGFIX: The starting 3 Melee Weapons were not getting the correct ramp up of more complex materials needed to build them. They are now.

    -BUGFIX: Fix issues allowing blueprints to drop more than once

    -BUGFIX: Fix refund mananger not refunding cash for base items (only refunded rooms before)

    -BUGFIX: Fixed issues with not being able to build base items or rooms which can only be afforded after skill cost reductions

    -BUGFIX: Fixed an issue causing items in menus to appear selected that weren't

    -BUGFIX: Fixed Wingsuit (and others) being able to be added to the hotbar

    -BUGFIX: Fixed issues with double jump not activating when it should have been

    -BUGFIX: Fixed not being able to enter jetpack from a dodge

    -BUGFIX: Fixed base items that require plasma to build not dropping plasma when destroyed/self destructed

    -BUGFIX: Fixed resources spawning inside player built bases

    -PATCHJOB: The Scientist Job has been added to the game.
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    Jan 29, 2015
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    ------- PATCH 13 PRE3 2015-03-25 23:00 EST -------

    -IMPROVEMENT: Every resource now has a chance of being a 'special resource' which will drop more crafting and transmute materials

    -IMPROVEMENT: Menus now save your last selected category as well as sub-item

    -IMPROVEMENT: Bags now get cleaned up after 48 hours of the server running, rather than 48 hours of time passing in the real world. This is so bags on exo planets that get rotated out, or servers that are taken down then brought back up days later don't purge their bags prematurely.

    -IMPROVEMENT: We now show the health bar of items on the screen and not far above them.

    -IMPROVEMENT: We now show the Rank of the player on the ExpBar. Rank is the sum total of all your job levels.

    -IMPROVEMENT: Your Harvesters you own now show up on the compass

    -BALANCE: Due to their small size, moons now rotate out every 3 hours and there are now six moons per universe up from three.

    -BALANCE: Each multitool upgrade level will now increase the amount of resources harvested by one. (e.g. Mark III harvests 3 at a time)

    -BALANCE: You now must have dealt damage moderately close to the mob in order to gain loot and exp. Previously when far away it was just giving loot and not exp which was inconsistent.

    -BUGFIX: Fixed some meshes drawing from further away than they should have been (improves solo play performance)

    -BUGFIX: Fixed issues with Jetpack+ not activating when falling in some situations

    -BUGFIX: Fixed double jump activation issues

    -BUGFIX: Fixed level ranges listed in description of crafting materials being wrong

    -BUGFIX: Fix Nexus shields taking damage via the bubble from radial damage sources
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    -IMPROVEMENT: Beacons can no longer be placed too near other beacons. If beacons already exist which are too close to one another they will be destroyed and the build cost refunded to the owner.

    -IMPROVEMENT: Friendly generators will now show wood/time left in them in their text allowing you to quickly see how much is left without interacting with them.

    -IMPROVEMENT: Improve server-side exploit prevention for destruction of base items and rooms.

    -IMPROVEMENT: Getting Started in GRAV super simple starting player direction tasks. Kill A Monster, Harvest A Resource, and Build Anything

    -IMPROVEMENT: Graphical Optimizations to get that framerate even higher!

    -BALANCE: You can no longer build near planet return portals.

    -BALANCE: Resource pets will now increase the total amount you harvest from a particular resource as opposed to increasing the speed at which you harvest it.

    -BALANCE: A number of Pet purchase prices have been reduced.

    -BUGFIX: Fix issues with player built items not allowing their owners to build near them in some situations.

    -PATCHEMOTE: New Emotes Added. Sit and Yell
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    ------- PATCH 13 PRE5 2015-03-30 23:34 EST -------

    -IMPROVEMENT: When you are shooting a room that is protected by a Nexus Shield Node you will see sparks to show that it is invulnerable.

    -IMPROVEMENT: We now show the Return Portal (for Moons and Exo Planets) Location if you have a Locator.

    -IMPROVEMENT: If your active job is an Acrobat and you do a dodge followed by a successful melee attack directly after you will now inflict bonus damage.

    -IMPROVEMENT: World events are now tied to a physical area. Each continent gets its own queue, and special events occur around items of interest (e.g. loot crates, artifacts). Watch out! Higher level areas get harder events

    -IMPROVEMENT: Added more foliage and tree variety to several biomes

    -IMPROVEMENT: More Load times and runtime graphical performance optimizations

    -IMPROVEMENT: World Artifact Decrypters have been re-enabled!

    -BALANCE: Amount of element X per resource node has been increased

    -BALANCE: Harvest amount per tick on Harvesters now increases as the harvester is upgraded

    -BALANCE: Vehicle drops have been spread out some so they all don't just bunch up. Additionally, the first level of the JetPack now drops only on the moons. Supposedly, an ancient astronaut jetpacked there and that is how the Moonlight dwellers now have it.

    -BALANCE: Exo Planet rotations have been sped up. Moons 3 hours, Low 12 hours, Mid 18 hours, High 36 hours

    -BALANCE: Turrets now start some with some ore in them

    -BALANCE: Guardians do their ground pound attack less often

    -BALANCE: If you are in a vehicle and take damage from a Non-Environmental damage you will be kicked off the vehicle (stops the jump into a vehicle and run away with almost impunity)

    -BALANCE: Increase Job Blueprint Drop Percentages.

    -BALANCE: Delay giving elemental versions of weapons until players are a bit higher level. Too many blueprints at the start is overwhelming and as you level so quickly at the start those BPs are quickly deprecated.

    -BUGFIX: Fixed issues creating doors

    -BUGFIX: Fixed doors that have no power blocking entry when first spawned

    -BUGFIX: Fixed all harvesters showing up on compass (now only friendly ones do)

    -BUGFIX: Fixed return portals being destoryed when too close to cave entrances

    -BUGFIX: Fixed issue allowing players to shoot through walls in some situations

    -BUGFIX: Fixed special resource effects not showing up in single player
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    ------- PATCH 13 PRE7 2015-04-01 23:43 EST -------

    -NOTICE: Area levels and caves have been re-rolled to make room for the new science station

    -IMPROVEMENT: Science Station has gotten a face lift! Much larger spaces should lead to more interesting gameplay within the science dome.

    -IMPROVEMENT: Some biomes now have enviornmental particle systems to make the world more alive

    -IMPROVEMENT: Player customizable keybind menu is now hooked up and active! (via the escape menu)

    -IMPROVEMENT: Upgrading Rooms and/or Base Items now are affected by Engineer's corresponding cost reduction playerskills.

    -IMPROVEMENT: Upgrading Rooms and/or Base Items now are affected by Engineer's corresponding cost reduction playerskills.

    -BUGFIX: Large Rations Now Drop.
    -SHOUTOUT: Ted Wassanasong

    -BUGFIX: Guardians are so bad ♥♥♥ they are no longer stopped by Nexus Shields. Fixes the Artifact battles being utterly trivial.
    -SHOUTOUT: Ted Wassanasong

    -BUGFIX: Caves now display area totem claimer
    -SHOUTOUT: Ted Wassanasong

    -BUGFIX: Fixed FoF destruction notifications going to players they should not have been

    ------- PATCH 13 PRE6 2015-04-01 00:43 EST -------

    -IMPROVEMENT: When you are shooting a door that is protected by a Nexus Shield Node you will see sparks to show that it is invulnerable.

    -BUGFIX: Quick fix for removal of lower end elemental weapons not nicely replacing with the _Normal version.

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