Experimental GRAV Update Pre7 - 12.0 Patch Notes

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    Jan 29, 2015
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    NOTICE: All spatial buckets and caves re-rolled to fix bad starting point selection on some servers and issues in caves

    • Stargates now protected by nexus shield

    • PlayerSoul Blueprints are now droppping from players!
    • When you are doing an emote and move you will cancel the emote
    SHOUTOUT: anuakkadia for suggesting this

    • Fixed start spawn area selection choosing bad spots in some situations
    • Fixed level up effect not working
    SHOUTOUT: Kraft Dinner for finding this
    • All Acrobat PlayerSkills were giving out benefits even if you never upgraded them.

    • New Emotes Added.
    • A New Dance Added.
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  2. Royal Bouch Dag

    Jan 29, 2015
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    ------- PATCH 12 PRE3 2015-03-11 21:22 EST -------

    -BUGFIX: Backpack dropping not causing an actual backpack to be in the world

    ------- PATCH 12 PRE2 2015-03-10 21:22 EST -------

    -IMPROVEMENT: Events affecting your base are now logged and played back when you join a server. (next to build notes)

    -IMPROVEMENT: Refund Manager is now active. When the server destroys a base item or room due to missing support from the world changing we now catch this occurence and store what was destroyed so the game can give the owner a refund.

    -BUGFIX: Experience Point Curves for jobs have changed a bit. Switch between Acrobat and Astronaut jobs in the (k) menu to have them update. Any PlaySkills you have will still be active even if you are now a lower level.

    -PATCHJOB: A New Job Added.
  3. Royal Bouch Dag

    Jan 29, 2015
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    ------- PATCH 12 PRE4 2015-03-12 1:53 EST -------

    -IMPROVEMENT: Chat box UI has been improved (wrapping, scrolling etc)

    -IMPROVEMENT: Items you've looted now appear in a loot log which sticks around so you can tell what cool items you just picked up

    -IMPROVEMENT: New base item: Data Recorder. Events relevant to your base will be recorded to your player log when they happen within range of a data recorder. Slap one of these in your base and never wonder who destroyed your stuff again!

    -IMPROVEMENT: New base item: Jump Pads. Build it and they will jump!

    -IMPROVEMENT: Base items that have range will now display a sphere around them while being built or interacted with so you can easily tell what their range is

    -BALANCE: Increased the range of upgraded harvesters

    -BALANCE: Increased the distance player bags will appear on the compass

    -BALANCE: Costs have been reduced for building items from the armory (especially multitool upgrades)

    -BUGFIX: Fixed backpacks looted by other players not updating their effects properly
  4. Royal Bouch Dag

    Jan 29, 2015
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    ------- PATCH 12 PRE6 2015-03-13 20:20 EST -------

    -IMPROVEMENT: Add on screen text that slides to loot box when receiving items

    -IMPROVEMENT: New room w/door that has closed walls

    -BALANCE: Removed ore cost from Lookouts

    -BALANCE: Ammo should drop at a higher percentage from Fauna

    -BALANCE: Transmuting Level 0 costs changed from 10 to 4

    -BALANCE: Changed costs of the lower level Melee and Pistol to require less steps

    -BUGFIX: Fixed Camera clipping range preview sphere

    -BUGFIX: Fixed chat box disappearing after first message

    ------- PATCH 12 PRE5 2015-03-13 14:20 EST -------

    -IMPROVEMENT: Better Compression on some animations to reduce memory usage on clients

    -BALANCE: Reduce the amount of StemCells needed when using the BioCondenser

    -BALANCE: Weapons are now colorized similiar to the multitool's colors to show what tier they are.

    -BALANCE: PlayerSoul Essence amount is now determined by the combined level of the Player's Jobs.

    -BALANCE: Power Relay's range now increases as you upgrade it
  5. Royal Bouch Dag

    Jan 29, 2015
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    ------- PATCH 12 PRE7 2015-03-17 14:35 EST -------

    -IMPROVEMENT: Stargates now have access to more than just one planet. Individual planets will move in and out of range of the stargates. Check the stargate to see if a new planet has come into range!

    -IMPROVEMENT: New Vehicle! WingSuit. Soar like a bird and never look back.

    -IMPROVEMENT: Resources are now grayed out when the base item is not upgraded enough to build the selected item in the build menu

    -IMPROVEMENT: Elemental Guns now have particle effects

    -BALANCE: Lowered the restricted distance around cave entrances for harvesters to allow harvesting of ElemX near the start of caves

    -BUGFIX: Fix issues with jumppad effects not activating right away

    -BUGFIX: Fix some tree clusters being overpopulated over time causing 'ingrown tree clumps'

    -BALANCE: When stamina is above 80% players will now regenerate health

    -BUGFIX: Fixed loot crates spawned outside normal areas (e.g. on islands) always being level 1

    -BUGFIX: Fixed issues with monocycle not getting client position corrections. (Fixes issues with players 'popping' to faraway locations after exiting the monocyle

    -BUGFIX: Fixed power relay range upgrades only affecting visual indicator
    -SHOUTOUT: Ted Wassanasong

    -BUGFIX: Fixed being able to fire while climbing ladders. This also fixes various base destruction exploits

    -BUGFIX: Fixed bug preventing players from being able to respawn if they died while in the jetpack

    -BUGFIX: Fixed issue with bags showing 'lootable in 0s' when they'd already been looted

    -BUGFIX: Fixed only getting 1 PlayerSoul Essence instead of Combined Levels from all Jobs amount
    -SHOUTOUT: Ted Wassanasong

    -BUGFIX: Fixed lvl 0 items not having any elemental essences costs
    -SHOUTOUT: Ted Wassanasong
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    Mar 19, 2015
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    Serious hiccups and issues wit this patch so far: 1. My base was in a cave and the cave layout was completely changed for some reason. The base items were destroyed by the layout change but I did not receive the refund you claimed the refund manager would provide in this case. Also, there are numerous glitches in the building system now, such as items still flashing translucent blue after they have been built and remaining that way when the build menu is closed. Also unable to make buildings self-destruct, which leads to frustration on miss clicks and if you get trapped due to clipping issues with the map.

    Everything else looks really nice and cool, and I greatly appreciate the updated menus, those are awesome!
    Also, have you fixed storage containers so they can actually be set to public now?

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