Experimental GRAV Update Pre1 - 8.0 Patch Notes

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Kane Hart, Jan 20, 2015.

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  1. Kane Hart

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    Jan 15, 2015
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    • New Net Code is active. Dramatically reduces CPU time on the Server.
    • New Save Code is active. Dramatically reduces CPU time on the Server.
    • New Nav Mesh Obstacle Creation Optimizations. Dramatically reduces CPU time on the Server.
    • More CPU savings on servers. We will find every Cycle wasted and TAKE IT BACK FROM THE GREEDY SERVER.
    • The harder World Events have been unlocked. Good Luck!
    • Base Items now have a Self Destruct Button.
    • Placing Base Items inside bases should be less stringent now.
    • A number of Base Items that would cause your camera to be blocked / moved inside your character no longer do this
    • Motion Sickness Setting (you can now turn off the constant camera motion)
    • Reduced Bandwidth requirements when lots of players are near each other.

    • Dropped Loot no longer give multiple items to you if you run away from said loot.
    • Possible fix for the rare physics crash on servers
    • Correctly give out PS_PetDuration for those who have bought a pet previously.
    • Nexus Shield Nodes were aggressively blocking all playerbase items and not just Nexus Shield Nodes as they were supposed to be.
    • Turrets could take over FoF groups resulting in everyone appearing unfriendly to one another
    • World Events should not get stuck spawning only Slime Attacks.
    • Fix Rooms shaking when being hit by a melee weapon that was doing no damage to the room. Fix rooms shaking when healing.
      SHOUTOUT: kevininferno for pointing this out.
    • Fixed the year in the patch notes. LOL LOL
      SHOUTOUT: ILLINYNR for pointing this out.

    • A New Dance Added
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  2. Vexx

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    Jan 20, 2015
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    Awesome! Looking forward to the harder World Events!
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  3. Tritan

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    Jan 21, 2015
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    Nice! Updating personal server to this now. :)

    [Edit - Found so far]

    1. My ore armor had model swapped with fossil armor until I clicked "wear" on all of it again. Seems to reproduce every time I restart the client or issue a reconnect.
    2. Flare cooldown is activating, but no flare is fired. - This one I can't seem to get working again. Tried many different continent locations, restarted the client upwards of 10 times, and tried disabling available in-game graphic options as well as the new screen shake disable option. No change.

    [Edit - Awesome stuff!]
    • Self-destruct feels like a huge burden has been lifted from the crafting system. Thank you so much for this change! *thumbs up* - Something like this for the "room" category of pieces would be much appreciated also.
    • Nice UX change on the wording for the use/wear button. :) In the beginning, my friends and I were constantly asking "does "use" mean I equipped it? Where can I see what's equipped?"
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