Experimental GRAV Update Pre1 - 7.0 Patch Notes

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Kane Hart, Jan 16, 2015.

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    • World Data Download UNTHROTTLED
    • TeamSay is now colored Blue
    • Tech Hunters have found their Elemental Skins
    • Tech Hunters Bosses are now decked out in some Tech Hunter Gear!
    • You now spawn FACING your uplink so you have frame of references when you awake from death or being offline.
    • New PlayerSkill: Pet Duration
    • Increased the Responsiveness of Items on Client
    • Nexus Shield Node's shield now scales with the Upgrade Level
    • Your backpack orb is now a gold color so you can more easily tell it apart from the other fallen on the alien planet surface
    • Small Fences added. A good neighbor builds good fences?
    • Generators and Farms now have a TAKE ALL button. Let all the mice buttons in the world Rejoice.
    • Server save optimizations.
    • Player Health is now persisted. So if you Log Out to get full health it will no longer work.
    • MultiTools Can Now Heal Rooms and Base Items via Right Clicking. It does cost Resources To Heal.
    • Added Hotbar icons for Landmines and Stunner Landmines

    • reddit user: moose111 for the Nexus Shield Node scaling suggestion.

    • Fixed Placed Base Items not being lit correctly.
    • MonoCycle no longer drives above the water. You will take damage from driving into the water.

    • A New Dance Added

    • We missed giving a SHOUTOUT to WeiWei! He was the victor in our Pre-Early Access Alpha Race to Max Level on the Experimental Server. The Weary Wanderer is now named: WeiWei the Weary Wanderer. This tireless NPC wanders the world with his vow of silence keeping him quiet for the moment. But his vast wealth of IN-GAME knowledge shall flow into the worlds when he has completed his personal quest!
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