Release GRAV Update 6.0 Patch Notes

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Kane Hart, Jan 16, 2015.

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    • IMPROVEMENT: Hotbar now has a 'Clear Slot' button
    • IMPROVEMENT: Saving persistent data is now hardened against crashes during the save.
    • IMPROVEMENT: Server names have 0 prefixed so you can more easily see server status of your server.
    • IMPROVEMENT: More Server CPU Optimizations
    • IMPROVEMENT: Increase the initial time out so slower connections can the world data for the server.
    • BALANCE: When placing LandMines you now play an animation which takes a short time.
    • BUGIX: Fix Base Items not being able to be melee'd Let the SLAUGHTER of the Harvesters commence!
    • BUGIX: MonoCycles' sound should correctly loop.
    • BUGIX: Fixed Server Browser Crash
    • BUGIX: Power has returned to GRAV. Powered items should now start up correct after server restarts.
    • BUGIX: Fix a Server Hang.
    • SHOTOUT: Panda Trueno for being killed over and over by landmines :)
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