Release GRAV Update 3.0 Patch Notes

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Kane Hart, Jan 16, 2015.

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    • IMPROVEMENT: Memory Usage reduced even more. (We are still working on this) IMPROVEMENT: In Game Server Browser shows results immediately IMPROVEMENT: Memory Usage reduced IMPROVEMENT: When you die and have a locator your Last Death Location will appear on the HUD. IMPROVEMENT: Optimized Dedicated Server Frametime IMPROVEMENT: UnThrottle Bandwidth Limits some IMPROVEMENT: Official Servers will restart if they somehow crash no (go go bat files)
    • BALANCE: Melee Weapons NO longer damage Buildings. You will need to shoot Buildings to destroy them. SHOUTOUT: To (AU) Jaden For the Above!
    • SHOUTOUT: Rename World Artifact Opener to Artifact Decrypter (thanks for the suggestion CancoZ!)
    • BUGFIX: Fix Startup Crash BUGFIX: Fix Landing sometimes causing a crash when you land in a crevice
    • BUGFIX: Fix Turrets Crashing the Client when they are near malformed terrain slope normals
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