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    • Level ranges and caves have been re-rolled!
    • Unattended base items now decay and will eventually be destroyed. See below for details.
    • Partial Portuguese Translation is now in the game!
      -SHOUOUT: Enjoy

    • New Vehicle: Hammerhead! Three man fast moving aircraft. Get your dogfight on!
    • Base Decay now active! Base items that are shielded, powered, or resting on a room which is shielded will not decay. Items recently interacted with will also not decay. Otherwise after 48 hours the item will become 'unclaimed' and begin to lose health. Unclaimed items can be claimed by anyone by interacting with them or repairing.
    • New Base Item: Foundation ramp. Useful if you have ladder phobia or are trying to drive a buggy into your living room!
    • New Room! Ramp. Allows stacking of ramp rooms for custom vehicle compatible action.
    • Klipwc's Starter Guide is now in the Esc Menu.
      -SHOUTOUT: Klipwc
    • New pet: XP Booster!
    • DEU Localization updated!
      -SHOUOUT: Maxunit
    • In Solo Play you can now force the rotation of the planets.
    • Optimization: Wooden Rooms are now cheaper to render.
    • Inventory and Storage Bins only show the categories that have items in them.
    • More ClientSide LODing. In this case teleporter rooms will deactivate their particle system when they go into LOD mode.
    • When attempting to enter vehicles which are flipped, they will attempt to upright themselves.
    • New Base Item: Automated Anti-Aircraft turret. Powerful and long-range but only attacks things that are flying
    • BugDog animations have all been re-done and improved.
    • Added ground effects to tanks.
    • Generators now turn on automatically when first built.
    • Added 'Full screen windowed' resolution mode.
    • Server Object Count Optimization.
    • When no traffic has been received from a server in a while a message will be displayed indicating the connection has been interrupted.
    • Clientside RenderThread Optimization. When your FPS is 13 or lower we will now start turning off DynamicLights on some base items
    • Increased max length of team messages.
      -SHOUTOUT: Rusty
    • Items are now automatically placed in your hotbar if there is an empty slot. Additionally, multitools will auto replace an existing multitool if the new one is a higher level.

    • As a Drill Platform is upgraded it will now gain a Area Level Multiplier for BluePrint Drops. Example: A Level 6 Drill Platform in a level 14 Area will now Drop BluePrints as if it were in a Level 35 area. NOTE: Area Levels are the average of the min and max levels for that area.
    • Drill Platforms when upgraded use less Plasma per time period.
    • Centurion tanks now require Vehicle Bay to be level 5.
    • Idle players will now be kicked after 30 minutes of idle time.
    • Drill Platforms now drop materials of the level range they are placed in (the same as how Loot Crates do it).
    • Fireworks no longer do damage to neither room nor base items.
    • Getting Started In Grav steps now give our resources in addition to EXP.
    • Vehicles now decay as well (unless parked).
    • When repairing, don't charge crafting materials (e.g. don't charge a collapsed star core for repairing each tick)
    • Damage dealt to higher level mobs is now scaled based on a smoother curve.
    • Artifacts now increase the amount they will give based on what level they are (e.g. An artifact that is lvl 40 will give 2.2x as many artifacts).
      -SHOUTOUT: Klipwc
    • PVE: You can no longer stun other Players.
    • Newly Built Drill Platforms now start with Plasma in them (400)
    • Teleporter rooms now have 1500 Hitpoints.
    • Artifact Decrypters now need to be manually activated. This allows you to have everything set up and powered and then when you want the Artifact Event to start you can then trigger it.

    • Fixed some vehicle weapons having much shorter range than intended.
    • Fixed missing effects on Bug Dog.
    • Fixed turrets not decaying or blowing up properly from support failures.
    • Picking up bags will no longer try to equip whatever you were wearing at the time of death.
    • Fixed Laser Fences not working in Solo Play.
    • Fixed some cases of base items being black.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause players to not be able to get a character once joining a server.
    • SOLO PLAY: Fixed Planets needing to have someone set foot on them to start their rotation. Now you just need to look at them via a Stargate to start their rotation timer.
    • Locator now shows the return portal location in Solo Play
    • Fix cases where artifacts could get into a state where they no longer could be harvested/decrypted.
      -SHOUTOUT:Klipwc and Beast Incarnate
    • Fixed conditions which could cause AI to thrash and create a lot of server CPU lag
    • Fix ITA Categories being incorrect.
      -SHOUTOUT: Effe
    • Fixed weapons starting with ammo in the magazine all the time.
    • Fixed weapons losing their ammo when traveling through a stargate.
    • Fixed reconnecting resetting your Respawn Sickness. (No more cheesy body spamming.)
    • Fixed not being able to insert a room below another room that has base items in it when the empty space you're trying to build in was also above a room.
      -SHOUTOUT: Rustineous
    • Fixed building support only being checked laterally. This was preventing zigzag style support structures from working.
    • Fix Ammo Drops sometimes didn't have in world meshes.
    • Fix for monster names being broken in SP when running with a non-english language
      -SHOUTOUT: Maxunit
    • Fixed cases where weapon ammo was not being saved before the character save file was closed.
    • Fixed buildings that were destroyed from a distance not saving their destruction in some circumstances.
      -SHOUTOUT: Rusty
    • Fixed Storage Bin not showing its Health Bar when damaged.
      -SHOUTOUT: Rusty
    • Fixed some rooms having physics collision right after they were first build.
      -SHOUTOUT: Klipwc
    • Fixed tundra cave resources not always being harvestable.
      -SHOUTOUT: Klipwc
    • Fixed Wood Balconies not having correct health.
      -SHOUTOUT: Bobdamek
    • Fix not having stereo footstep sounds for yourself
      -SHOUTOUT: Zonfire
    • Fixed the Toast Hat having inner penetration issues.
    • Fixed Selector Categories all being off by one for French.
      -SHOUTOUT: JHaze

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