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    -BUGFIX: Fix issues with cave loading.

    • ALL Exo planets now rotate in and out of orbit at a 3 hour interval. Just like the moons. Let planet exploration come forth!
    • Vehicle factory has been renamed to 'Vehicle Bay'

    • New Co-Op Vehicle Added! Doom Buggy: Fast, lightweight vehicle. Carries two passengers as well as the driver. Runs on organics and love. (Boost burns plasma).
    • GearSets are now available via (G). GearSets allow you to specify gear to wear (e.g. LowOxygen, Harvesting, PVP, etc.) You start with 2 and every job you unlock will give you another GearSet. You are able to name each GearSet. You are able to make a keybind WearSelectedGearSet # (e.g. WearSelectedGearSet 4) to hotkey them.
    • New Room type Added! Metal roof
    • Players can now join one another's FoF group by interacting with each other. (think press E to join). Additionally players can opt out of receiving FoF invites in the options.
    • New room type: Wooden Bridges. Cheap bridges available from the start. Additionally metal bridges have had their HP increased as well as their costs.
    • New Top Hat With Stars. It is an Exclusive Drop for the 4th of July week!
    • Fireworks! Find them under the new 'Special' Selection Category in your inventory. They are Exclusive Drops for the 4th of July week!
    • Collision fidelity for rooms vs Vehicles has been improved.
    • Vehicles now have horns! (Z by default, can be rebound in the keybinds menu)
    • Added BaneElement (BE) to the Locator hud element.
      -SHOUTOUT: Red Eagle LXIX
    • Flares can now be launched from vehicles
    • Centurion Tanks got some updated/improved sounds.
    • Centurion Tanks now have running lights!
    • The names of the Driver/Gunner will now be displayed above vehicles so you can tell who is in them.
    • Storage Bins can now have a number inputted for how much you want to take or put.
    • There is now a button to upgrade a base item to max level in one click.
    • When setting FoF code, a confirmation message will print to your screen indicating what code was just set.
    • Gender choice is now replicated from the server. If you choose to be a female people will now near female sounds where we have them.
    • Automated Turrets will never fire own their owner, no matter what FoF they or their owner are in.
    • Client base rendering performance optimizations.
    • Server Performance Optimizations.
    • Jump pads now work with vehicles.
    • Unless the user otherwise overrides, the game will now automatically select the language most appropriate given the system settings of the PC playing the game.
    • Bind location is now shown when you have a Locator
    • Pressing H to use a health stim will now use the most appropriate health stim depending on how much health you need to be healed. (i.e. If you are down enough health to warrant using the bigger health pack, it will automatically do so)
    • Display original owner of vehicle as well as parker when a vehicle is parked
    • You can now upgrade the number of vehicles you're allowed to build.

    • 60+ mobs' health has been reduced.
    • Composters now correctly get taxed from Area Totems.
    • large vehicles (Doom Buggy and Ceturion Tank) can no longer be damaged by players in PvE servers.
    • Parked vehicles can now be entered by anyone friendly to the Vehicle Bay they were parked at. This means the Security/FoF setting of the Vehicle Factory will determine who can enter it.
    • Better progression for the costs of Stargates' Star Materials

    • Fix some issues causing 'white screen' and disconnects when trying to go to exo planets via stargate.
    • Fixed some base items not giving resources when destroyed.
    • Fixed an issue which could cause rooms not to be protected by shields after a server restart.
    • Fixed not being able to build rooms beneath other rooms that have base items in them.
    • Fixed a bug with the PlanetManager re-setting the launch time of the planets in orbit when entire MetaVerse was shut down.
    • Fixed issue causing dungeon load screen to pop up when it should not have been.
    • Fixed issue causing drivers of vehicles to be 'left behind' in some cases.
    • Fixed third person tank weapon effects (muzzleflash/sound) not showing up for other players.
    • Changed when we attempt to spawn a Return Portal to hopefully reduce them being inside things.
      -SHOUTOUT:Red Eagle LXIX
    • Fixed an issue causing chat to fade out too quickly sometimes.
    • Fixed room/base item upgrades not being counted toward leaderboards.
    • Fixed several issues with very long power relay chains.
    • Fixed Environmental Hazard Food affecting multiple Hazard Types.
    • Fixed Laser Fences sometimes spawning 10s of thousands of particle beams that would crush client performance.
    • Fixed Drill Platforms not respecting player skill for determining how many a player could build.
    • Fixed collision issues with foundations and vehicles.
    • Fixed being able to build doors within enemy shield generators.
    • Fixed Area Totems not respecting player skill for determining how many a player could build.
    • Fixed Automated Turrets not firing on enemies within shield generators on PvE servers.
    • Fixed some cases where the planets would never rotate in new planets.
    • Fixed kills achieved while in a tank giving more exp than intended
    • Fixed building support check cascade causing bad performance on servers when extremely large bases have portions destroyed
      -SHOUTOUT:Yee & Cell NINJA
    • Fixed locator text while in vehicles (for reals this time)
    • Fixed world event info not showing up while in a vehicle
    • Fixed emote animations ending when on top of moving vehicles

    -PATCHEMOTE: Continuing our history of adding emotes to GRAV for FREEEEEEEEEE, we give you: 'youstepping' and 'slowwave'

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