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    • What you drop when you die has CHANGED! See balance section below for details
    • GRAV now has Spanish Localization!
      -SHOUTOUT: José Carlos De Luque Morales
    • Environmental Hazards are now active. When travelling to other planets be certain to check what hazards exist!
    • Level ranges and caves have been re-rolled on tundra planets to make way for the yetis
    • Icy moon has been renamed to 'Luna', Snowy Moon has been renamed to 'Desolate Moon'. These names were changed to avoid the impression the moons are ice elemental.
    • BioCondenser has been renamed to 'Matter Condenser'

    • New PlayerJob: Pilot!
    • New planets spotted! Rumored to contain high concentrations of precious metals, and the elusive 'Magmanite' Fire planets have been spotted in orbit!
    • New monster type added! Cold hardened Yetis have been seen roaming the wind swept plains of the Tundra Exo Planets
    • New armor set added! Magmanite armor. The venerable Night Killer armor has been dethroned!
    • New weapon class! Rocket Launcher. Very powerful, and very expensive. Use sparingly and to great effect!
    • Two new High-end swords added: Inferno Blades.
    • New base item! Bubble Shield. Looks like the old nexus shield, but does not offer building protection like the shield generator. Instead, it blocks incoming projectiles. The shield can take quite a beating, but is not invulnerable. Bubble shields also protect against environmental effects!
    • Area Totems are now active and will collect taxes from the area claimed. Taxes are generated when anyone that is NOT friendly to the Area Totem (e.g. different FoF or if the Area Totem is Private, everyone!) does any harvesting of resources in the claimed area. Taxes are stored in the Area Totem itself. So to claim the collected taxes you will need to go to each totem individually.
    • Ore Armor now helps with Environmental Hazard: Radiation Tolerance
    • Magmanite Armor now helps with Environmental Hazard: Heat Tolerance
    • New Area Totem visuals!
    • Storage Bin has been made more responsive and a bit more friendly to allow quick 'put all' down a list of items
    • Operation HUD declutter. Note: world events now only show up if they're happening within one game day, or the day has just rolled over.
    • When players get or lose resources that resource type amount will be drawn to the HUD. This allows easy understanding of how many resources you have when mining, flying etc.
    • Optimized menus to not have a hitch when changing categories
      -SHOUTOUT: Kaffein[o_O]
    • Many previously 'server language based' text strings are now sent down to the client in a different way allowing them to be correctly localized.
    • Better icon to show that you can't build near a Drill Platform.
    • Beacons now display beacon icon as well as text. Additionally when a beacon is off screen, only the icon is shown along the edges of the screen (text hides when out of view).
    • Flares now display beacon icon as well as text. Additionally when a flare is off screen, only the icon is shown along the edges of the screen (text hides when out of view).
    • Increased max number of player log lines
      -SHOUTOUT: Rusty
    • Refunded base items now display planet the item was on in the player log
      -SHOUTOUT: Rusty
    • New shader for buildings which are shielded to make it easier to tell what is shielded and what is not
    • Server performance optimizations, specifically for servers with large amounts of turrets
    • Client performance optimizations, specifically for servers with large amounts of base items (e.g. Turrets)
    • Client performance optimizations, specifically for servers with large amounts of base items that can be colorized
    • When you die, the death screen will wait a few seconds before popping up to allow you to see your death in all its glory!
    • The Kitchenette now can make a number of new recipes! All to stave off the new Environmental Hazards! Blueprints for the new recipes are dropping throughout the world.
    • Glass rooms now have glass ceilings! (glass with metal room still has metal ceiling/floor)
    • DEU Localization updated
      -SHOUTOUT: Maxunit
    • RUS Localization updates
      -SHOUTOUT: Alexander Radul
    • ITA Localization updates
      -SHOUTOUT: DreyMix

    • When a player dies, a bag is now dropped with some percentage of that player's resources (according to your drop reduction skill, and a lesser amount of crafting materials). ONLY resources and crafting materials are dropped in the bag. Additionally this bag can be looted IMMEDIATELY and by any player. Additionally bags cannot be summoned for 10 minutes. Item drop reduction player skill and bag lock timer skills have been hidden/removed.
    • To combat 'body spam'; if you respawn via uplink several times in rapid succession you will be stricken with 'uplink sickness'. Uplink sickness will apply for period of time increasing the more times you respawn from an uplink in a small window.
    • Campfires and Bubbleshields no longer instantly reset environmental effects.
    • D-Fences now cost more, but also have more HP
    • High level mobs (40+) now have less health than before
    • Sunstone Armor blueprints now only drop from Fire Elemental type foes.
    • Tundra Armor blueprints now only drop from Ice Elemental type foes.
    • SMG blueprints now only drop from Fire Elemental type foes.
    • Desert Armor now protects against Heat Environmental Hazard.
    • Plasma Armor now protects against Low Oxygen Environmental Hazard.
    • A minimum distance between turrets is now in effect. Turrets already placed within the new minimum distance will be destroyed and the owner refunded.
    • Bomber spawn rates have been increased
    • Fixed Elemental Essence Costs being incorrect for the item tier for items that enter the game above item tier 0
      -SHOUTOUT: Rusty
    • Increased PlayerSoul Elemental Essence Costs to stop being so easily cheesed by kill trading.
      -SHOUTOUT: Rusty
    • Drill platforms are no longer allowed to be built in caves. Platforms already in caves will be destroyed and their owners refunded.
      -SHOUTOUT: Rusty
    • Environment specific armor sets now weaken/strengthen as is appropriate: Magmanite gear now weakens you vs environmental cold (and strengthens vs heat as before). Sunstone gear now strengthens against heat and weakens vs cold. Tundrite gear now weakens you vs heat (and strengthens vs cold as before).
    • Automated Turret ore consumption rates have been increased
      -SHOUTOUT: Rusty
    • Drill Platforms no longer can be built so near Cave Entrances
      -SHOUTOUT: Rusty
    • Fix some items not using the correct amount of crafting materials. Specifically, for items that were first introduced into the game at a higher tier than 0.
    • Area Totems are FOF by default.
      -SHOUTOUT: Rusty
    • Fix 'Dangerous' mobs taking double damage.
      -SHOUTOUT: Rusty

    • Resource text is now right justified to fix text wrapping issues
      -SHOUTOUT: Rusty
    • Hide loot box when menus that overlap it are active
      -SHOUTOUT: Rusty
    • Fixed base items getting their FoF codes changed by friendly, but non-owner players
      -SHOUTOUT: Rusty
    • You can now shoot through fences (the non-D version)
      -SHOUTOUT: Rusty
    • Fixed going into 'ladder' pose when walking across interior thresholds that used to have a door
    • Arrow Signs now have a menu associated with them.
      -SHOUTOUT: Rusty
    • Fixed storage bins not updating sometimes causing them to appear not to have items in them they actually do have
    • Fixed an issue that could cause bases built in single player to 'turn against' their owners
    • Fixed chat text/loot text showing up underneath leaderboard and player log windows
    • Fixed enemies spawning inside bases
    • Fixed plasma not showing up in moon caves
      -SHOUTOUT: Nareen
    • Fixed base items being able to be interacted with by multiple people at once causing undefined behavior and possible loss of items
      -SHOUTOUT: Rusty
    • Fixed meta population being counted for both normal pop and meta pop
    • Fixed not being able to build in some situations you should be able to (e.g. on top of small rocks)
      -SHOUTOUT: Rusty
    • OMCR rooms now remove floors even when in preserve walls mode (since otherwise you could just use a normal room)
      -SHOUTOUT: Rusty
    • Fixed Guardians not dropping artifacts.
      -SHOUTOUT: Mister Xiado

    New Emotes Added. 'puke' and 'lookaway'

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