Release GRAV Update 16 / 16.1

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    • Server performance optimizations
    • Base items the server destroys on startup and refunds the player for will now be logged in the player log
    • Added glass room with metal floor for those of you who want glass rooms with sturdier footing :)
      SHOUTOUT: Cloud
    • RUS Localization updates
      -SHOUTOUT: Alexander Radul
    • DEU Localization updatedn
      -SHOUTOUT: Maxunit

    • Removed wood cost from medibot and constructobot deployment

    • Fixed being able to build more than one drill platform in a World Grid
    • Fixed being able to build rooms embedded in the ground
    • Fixed room shield effect being on in some cases when it should not
    • Fixed area transition text overlapping with interact text
    • Fixed issues with clients being unable to build within friendly shield generators
    • Fixed 'phantom' cave entrances on tundra planet that would appear but not be enter-able

    NOTICE: Nexus shields have been replaced with 'shield generators'. These work in a similar fashion, except without the bubble. Any rooms within their radius are provided damage protection.

    • New planets have been spotted! It's said they have vast expanses of arctic biomes and a rare resource called Tundrite. Beware! The cold has fangs on these lonely blocks of ice.
    • New gear set: Tundra! Protects against cold
    • New pet: Medibot! - heals health over time
    • New pet: Constructobot! - reduces build costs of base items and rooms
    • 3 New SunStone swords!
    • 3 New Tundrite swords!
    • New visuals for Artifact Sword
    • Drill Platform is now in the Game. The mighty Drill Platform is fueled by plasma. Every N hours the platform will ERUPT with a huge amount of resources. Check the Drill Completion time and be at the platform to fight or perhaps share the resources with your fellow players.
    • New item: Wingsuit+. High level wingsuit with improved attributes and visuals
    • New base item: Custom Sign. Set custom text on this sign to warn your allies of danger, OR TRAP THEM BWAHAHHA
    • New base item: D Fences!
    • Another New fence! Cheaper, non stackable version of the D-Fence
    • Armory now has a button to fill ammo up in one click
    • Armory now displays how many bullets are in each mag
    • Storage crate now animates opened/closed when it's being used
    • Room placement code is now more robust. Allows for rooms to be slotted into empty spaces without there being empty space above them.
    • Storage Bin now updates the lists automatically (you no longer need to click off and on the category again).
    • Better Crafting Material filters in the inventory screen.
      -SHOUTOUT: Arctic Rusty the Freshmaker
    • Added OMCR stair room type
    • Organized rooms into nice subcategories for easier navigation
    • All glass rooms now use the glass floor piece instead of the normal floor piece
    • Elemental Armor is now active! Based on the number of total pieces of armor that you are wearing of a specific type shall determine what overall Elemental Type you are.
    • Interact text for turrets now displays how much ore is remaining
    • In-Game server browser now displays how many people are in the overall metaverse (meta population across all planets)
    • RUS Localization updates
      -SHOUTOUT: Alexander Radul
    • You can now set custom text on beacons.
    • DEU Localization updated
      -SHOUTOUT: Maxunit

    • Turrets now do more damage when upgraded
    • Smaller flying bugs no longer do ranged attacks
    • Wingsuits now need a flying bug material. It's thematic to what the wing suit does!
      -SHOUTOUT: Rusty
    • Area Totems now require some Artifacts.
      -SHOUTOUT: Rusty
    • SunStone will now appear in desert planet caves
    • You can no longer damage friendly buildings protected by shields
    • Turrets no longer damage buildings
    • 'Metal' rooms now cost more to better reflect their much stronger health and armor
    • Glass rooms now have less health to reflect threir being glass
    • Wingsuits now have the same behavior as other vehicles when shot; you are ejected from the vehicle
      -SHOUTOUT: Wiggling_snake
    • Jetpacks now drop everywhere, not just on the moon
    • When players are very low on stamina, they now move slower

    • Fixed an issue causing doors to be difficult to place when multiple doorframes were near the build site
    • Fixed issues causing bases to be destroyed on server restarts when they were built on top of certain rocks
    • Fixed Resource Crafting Materials not showing up in in the Filtered Menus of the Storage Bin and Inventory
    • Fixed crashes related to players building outside of the world bounds
    • Fixed rotation of the character doing strange things when flying straight down with the wingsuit
      -SHOUTOUT: Rusty
    • Fixed being able to build base items in the air
    • Fixed being able to stack rooms that are not supposed to stack
    • Fixed not being able to interact with flags
    • Added checking to prevent things from being built in cave null space
    • Ammo should be no longer be lost when traveling to moons and Exo planets
    • Fix blueprints not showing up in the inventory menu
    • You can no longer loot bags through walls
    • You can no longer use vehicles on the ladder. No more monocycle ladder madness!
    • Fixed several issues with materials for base items getting set incorrectly (friendly vs unfriendly colors, etc)
    • Fixed base items not getting added to player log when destroyed during server bootup verification
    • Fix leaderboards rotating if they had never rotated before.
    • Fixed sprinting consuming stamina when not moving

    PATCHEMOTE: New Emotes Added. 'plot' and 'fingerwiggle'

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