Release GRAV Update 15 / 15.1 / 15.2 / 15.3 Patch Notes

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    GRAV PATCH 15.3
    • Client performance optimizations

    • You can no longer build many artifact decrypters on top of one another to produce instant artifact opens
    • Increased drop rate of star materials by 10%

    • Fixed SMG blueprint drop ranges being a bit broken at the high end
    • Fixed end-of-cave loot crates not respawning as intended
    • Fixed file cache trying to shrink too aggressively causing world data to get re-downloaded
      -SHOUTOUT: Rusty
    • Fixed health bar not showing up when base items are damaged in some situations
      -SHOUTOUT: Rusty
    • Fixed bug allowing items to be duplicated in some circumstances
    • Chatbox text size can now be scaled independently via DefaultChatFontScaleScalar
      -SHOUTOUT: Magnificon
    • Fixed PlayerSkills(k) Menu being slow to open
      -SHOUTOUT: Kaffein[o_O]
    • Fixed turrets still rotating with no power
    • Fixed deploy pet button sometimes not being click-able

    • ITA Localization updates
      -SHOUTOUT: DreyMIX
    • DEU Sunstone Translation
      -SHOUTOUT: Lady

    • Fix issues with long chains of power relays thrashing on and off

    • RUS Localization updates
      -SHOUTOUT: Alexander Radul
    • Server Object Count optimizations.
    • PlayerLog is once again shown on the Build Notes (n) menu.
      -SHOUTOUT: Monsignor Martínez

    • Fixed Leaderboards not updating yesterday/current 24 hour stats if no one was on at 6 am server standard time.
    • Fixed All damage being reduced when it should have only been damage to Players
      -SHOUTOUT: nexxus213 and Mister Xiado
    • Add Leaderboard Toggle to the keybind menu.
    • Protect against people putting more than storage bins can hold into the storage bin
      -SHOUTOUT: Monsignor Martínez
    • Fixed planetmanager not launching some planets in rare instances
    • Fixed turrets not updating smoothly on clients
    • Fixed some walls disappearing after being swaped for LODs
    • Fixed clients not updating frequently enough and causing base items to be black in some instances
    • Fixed empty buttons showing up on some base item menus

    • Storage bin now has take/put all button
    • Turrets, Generator, Campfires, and Composters all have a 'fill' button and capacity now. Upgrading these items increases their capacities
    • Client game thread optimizations
    • Base items should persist their colors now
    • Self destructed items no longer show up in data log unless they're near a data recorder
    • Build notes moved to start screen so it doesn't needlessly get in your face all the time
    • Player base destruction log no longer shows up unless there is something new to display
    • Russian Localization is now available!!!
      -SHOUTOUT: Alexander Radul
    • Mousing over a room while in the build menu now displays the room's full name rather than just 'room'
    • Flare is now use-able from the hotbar
    • Many server performance optimizations
    • Leaderboards are now in. Press 'L' to see who the current leaders are!
    • ClientWantsAnonLogins TRUE|FALSE is in for those that want to show off their rank and those that want to be super sneaky
    • New Stim Added to science station: Bag Summon. This expensive stim allows players to summon their bags when otherwise unable to retrieve them. For PVE kills you will get your entire bag back. For PVP kills, you will get just your gear back. If you want your RSS you will need to retrieve the bag yourself.
    • Tweaked vehicle sound volumes to be less intrusive
    • Server Object Count Optimizations
    • Server Memory Optimizations
    • Client Memory Optimizations
    • Client Rendering Optimizations
    • Client Load time Optimizations

    • Bags that are still contested (e.g. that have a timer ticking down until loot) can not be built on by buildings or nexus shields)
    • High End Armor no longer should make you basically unkillable.
    • Close range projectile weapon damages have been tweaked
    • Invulnerability when respawning or entering caves is now invalidated if the player moves more than a small amount
    • Removed limitations on building near player bags now that bag summoning stim is in place. This prevents another form of trolling where one could drop bags near someone's base and prevent them from being able to build
    • High End Armor no longer should make you basically unkillable. (This will be an ongoing process. We don't want battles to last many many minutes and we don't want you to be dead before the screen stops shaking from being hit.)
      -SHOUTOUT: wiggling_snake and ram for killing each other over and over

    • Some Area Totem Placement bug fixes
    • Fixed OMCR stone rooms having incorrect costs
    • Fixed closed OMCR room w/door not acting like an OMCR room
      -SHOUTOUT: Monsignor Martínez
    • Fixed typos/grammar in moon names
      -SHOUTOUT: Monsignor Martínez
    • Fixed SunStone not showing up in the Materials List
      -SHOUTOUT: Nishi
    • Fixed having tons and tons of blueprints already not showing new Blueprints in your inventory.
      -SHOUTOUT: Cowboy Curtis
    • Fixed SMG ammo not dropping from Mobs
      -SHOUTOUT: Cowboy Curtis
    • Fixed maps creating and loading psm data that should not have been
    • Power Relay fixes
      -SHOUTOUT: Royal Bouch Dag
    • Fixed mouse over components bug
      -SHOUTOUT: Wuffell
    • Fixed Moon Descriptions
    • Fixed Issues with Negative FoF codes
    • Fixed the Default KeyBindings not having WS as the primary bound keys
      -SHOUTOUT: Flatulent Shadow
    • Fixed SMG ammo giving you both SMG and Assault Rifle Ammo
    • Fixed many of the caves on the new desert planets not being enter-able

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