Release GRAV Update 12 Patch Notes

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    • All area levels and elemental types as well as caves have been re-rolled to fix bad starting point selection on some servers and issues in caves

    • Stargates now have access to more than just one planet. Individual planets will move in and out of range of the stargates. Check the stargate to see if a new planet has come into range!
    • New Vehicle! WingSuit. Soar like a bird and never look back.
    • Improved particle effect on jetpack
    • Resources are now grayed out when the base item is not upgraded enough to build the selected item in the build menu
    • PlayerSoul Blueprints are now droppping from killed players!
    • Added button to dismiss pets!
    • When you are doing an emote and move you will cancel the emote
      (SHOUTOUT: anuakkadia for suggesting this)
    • Elemental Guns now have particle effects specific to their elemental type
    • Elemental Armor Pieces now have particle effects specific to their elemental type
    • Chat box UI has been improved (wrapping, scrolling etc)
    • Items you've looted now appear in a loot log which sticks around so you can tell what cool items you just picked up
    • Add on screen text that slides to loot box when receiving items
    • New room w/door that has closed walls
    • Better Compression on some animations to reduce memory usage on clients
    • New base item: Data Recorder. Events relevant to your base will be recorded to your player log when they happen within range of a data recorder. Slap one of these in your base and never wonder who destroyed your stuff again!
    • New base item: Jump Pads. Build it and they will jump!
    • Base items that have range will now display a sphere around them while being built or interacted with so you can easily tell what their range is
    • Refund Manager is now active. When the server destroys a base item or room due to missing support from the world changing we now catch this occurrence and store what was destroyed so the game can give the owner a refund.
    • Any scrollable UI element will now scroll when the mouse is over that element and the mouse wheel is used

    • Reduce the amount of StemCells needed when using the BioCondenser
    • Weapons are now colorized similarly to the multitool's colors to show what tier they are.
    • PlayerSoul Essence amount is now determined by the combined level of the Player's Jobs.
    • Power Relay's range now increases as you upgrade it
    • When stamina is above 80% players will now regenerate health
    • Damage dealt to FoF team mates reduced by 75%
    • Increased the range of upgraded harvesters
    • Increased the distance player bags will appear on the compass
    • Costs have been reduced for building items from the armory (especially multitool upgrades)
    • Lowered the restricted distance around cave entrances for harvesters to allow harvesting of ElemX near the start of caves
    • Removed ore cost from Lookout rooms
    • Ammo should drop at a higher percentage from Fauna
    • Transmuting Level 0 costs changed from 10 to 4
    • Changed costs of the lower level Melee and Pistol to require fewer steps
    • Stargates now protected by nexus shield

    • Fixed bug causing remote clients not to get element type and weapon level effects
    • Fixed fall damage not being applied while dodging
    • Fix issues with jumppad effects not activating right away
    • Fix some tree clusters being overpopulated over time causing 'ingrown tree clumps'
    • Fixed loot crates spawned outside normal areas (e.g. on islands) always being level 1
    • Fixed issues with monocycle not getting client position corrections. (Fixes issues with players 'popping' to faraway locations after exiting the monocyle
    • Fixed power relay range upgrades only affecting visual indicator (SHOUTOUT: Ted Wassanasong)
    • Fixed being able to fire while climbing ladders. This also fixes various base destruction exploits
    • Fixed bug preventing players from being able to respawn if they died while in the jetpack
    • Fixed issue with bags showing 'lootable in 0s' when they'd already been looted
    • Fixed only getting 1 PlayerSoul Essence instead of Combined Levels from all Jobs amount (SHOUTOUT: Ted Wassanasong)
    • Fixed lvl 0 items not having any elemental essences costs (SHOUTOUT: Ted Wassanasong)
    • Fixed Camera clipping range preview sphere
    • Fixed backpacks looted by other players not updating their effects properly
    • Experience Point Curves for jobs have changed a bit. Switch between Acrobat and Astronaut jobs in the (k) menu to have them update. Any PlaySkills you have will still be active even if you are now a lower level.
    • Fixed start spawn area selection choosing bad spots in some situations
    • Fixed level up effect not working (SHOUTOUT: Kraft Dinner for finding this)
    • All Acrobat PlayerSkills were giving out benefits even if you never upgraded them.

    • A New Job Added
    • New Emotes Added
    • A New Dance Added

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