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    Patch 11.1:

    • Fixed cases where your lvl and exp were not copied to the Astronaut Job
    • Wuffell and Deedrix for finding this

    Patch 11:
    SPECIAL NOTICE: All level ranges and caves have been re-rolled to fix various issues with invalid level ranges and level dropouts NOTICE: Metaverse chat! Chat is now broadcast to all planets in one metaverse

    • A minimum distance is now required between harvesters

    • OPERATION MAKE GAME LETHAL. Health values for PvP and PvE combat have been changed dramatically! BEWARE, monsters are now MUCh more lethal, but you are too. You must now avoid enemy hits and choose your battles wisely.
    • PvP is now a viable thing. It's much easier to kill players (as in it's now possible, it was very difficult in the past) Job System. We have the start of the Job System in GRAV. The Job System will allow your overall level cap to be higher than 42! (e.g. you can get those high level LootCrates!) New Jobs can be found from Job Blueprints dropping in the world. Each Job has a set of PlayerSkills associated with it that will unlock at certain levels. You may switch between jobs as you will. PlayerSkills from non-active jobs are ALWAYS active (e.g. if you have a JumpHeightIncrease skill from the Acrobat job and you are currently an Astronaut, that JumpHeightIncrease skill is still active).

    • New stamina system (replaces old food system). Abilities that now use stamina: Sprint (hold shift to sprint), dodge (double tap a movement key to dodge), jump uses a small amount of stamina. For Speed Stims you will need to move to a hotbar NOTICE: Stamina capacity decays as player hungers. Eat rations (new item) to restore capacity. Food resource renamed to 'Organics'
    • Special melee attacks are now in! Right click to perform a 'special' attack that consumes stamina but is much more powerful SHOUTOUT: Talse and numerous others for keeping the melee attack threads active.
    • Monsters can now have Affixes which will affect a number of their attributes. Ranging from they do DoubleDamage to giving DoubleLoot. More Affixes shall be added over time!
    • You can now interact with rooms via the build menu. This allows you to self destruct rooms, upgrade rooms, and change their security setting SHOUTOUT: Peace Of Mind and numerous others for asking for this.
    • Bags you can't loot now have a different (and much shorter range) effect New base item: Kitchenette. This is the start of our cooking / food system. There are only a couple of recipes in the world right now but many many more will be added.
    • New base item: BioCondenser. This item allows you to combine lower level crafting materials into higher level crafting materials (e.g. turn BugDog Shells into BugDog Hearts).
    • Transmuted materials have their own categories in the Factory for easier Transmuting.
    • New emote system. 30 new emotes added! Run /emotes to get a list of all possible emotes Added ability to build rooms that don't tear down surrounding walls
    • Added rooms for building multi-story open areas within bases (look in advances rooms category) Added NEW room type: Glass Room (OMCR)
    • Added sounds/FX to dodge
    • F1-F7 now bound to emotes for quick access (point and wave no longer bound to Q and G) StorageBins now have ability to have their access set to Public/FoF/Private SHOUTOUT: UrbanBravo
    • Added dodge moves (double tap movement keys). This should help you dodge the now very lethal enemy attacks SHOTOUT: [email protected], Talse, and others who have kept the dodge threads active
    • At long last! Tech hunters now have their swords
    • Various weapons had their muzzle flashes improved
    • The MonoCycle now has a point light attached to it as well as its spotlight to give it a bit more vision The Light Pet now has a point light attached to it as well as its spotlight to give it a bit more vision Official servers now have their own filter. Prevents masquerading servers and makes it easier to find the official servers in the sea of servers When players destroy base items it is now logged to the server's log

    • Forcefield doors are now 100% protected by nexus shield nodes
    • Automated turrets now do significantly less damage to buildings
    • Increased resources per fossil node
    • Tweaked cooldown on health stims
    • Reduce spider bomb damage to not be one-shot kill
    • Fixed Spiderbomb explosion doing damage through walls
    • Increased generator capacity at higher upgrade levels
    • Reduced landmine damage to be inline with new damage balancing
    • Harvesters' harvest range is now increased as it is upgraded

    • Fixed bases being allowed to 'float' due to second level rooms thinking they were attached to the ground directly Fixed issues with teleporters linking to unfriendly targets, and not saving their target Fixed non-room base items not being destroyed when the room they were in was destroyed Fixed doors not being destroyed when the room they're attached to is destroyed Fixed being able to melee through walls
    • Fixed issues related to clients thinking items were not powered when they were Fixed resources not reliably respawning in caves
    • Fixed AI not aggro'ing properly in some situations
    • Fixed spider bombs blowing up after they were killed
    • Fixed issues causing players to fall through the world on monocycles
    • Fixed issues with Beacon beam rendering
    • Fixed issues causing caves to change on server restarts in some situations
    • Fixed player staying invulnerable if they cancel an unsuccessful stargate transfer SHOUTOUT: techromancer for finding and reporting this!
    • Fixed stamina bar making noise when it gets low
    • Fixed issues with click dragging to look around in the build menu
    • Fixed issues with menus closing right after they are opened
    • Don't allow stamina to be spent while in a vehicle
    • Fix being able to wave and eject yourself from a jetpack

    • A New Dance Added.

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