Release GRAV: Reborn: Update 5.2 notes

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Kane Hart, Nov 18, 2015.

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    • Player Backpacks should always appear on the compass now. (Sometimes they could be occluded.)
    • Move special boots to the end armor list so each full set of armor BPs can be on one page
      -SHOUTOUT: Cornflakeboy
    • Better Tutorial Text
      -SHOUTOUT: Lirik
    • When you find a free steam key we now play fireworks. (Lots of people seemed to have missed that they got a free key)
    • We now back up player save files more often than before
    • If you try and build a harvester out of range of Element-X the game will warn you before proceeding.
    • The game will now take action against non-newbie players killing newbies.
    • Refunds for bases being destroyed now show in via a 'refund storage bin' which fixes issues with player's inventory being full at the time of the refund being awarded etc.

    • Home Stargates no longer require power. (They are still found under the powered items category for ease of finding them as all the other Stargates are there)
      -SHOUTOUT: Lirik
    • Increase the drop rates of Stims
    • Forcefield doors no longer turn off when friendly players walk through them. This prevents other players from 'tailgating' through doors behind entering friendlies.
    • On PvE servers, Turrets will no longer attack players near bases unless they are first attacked.
    • On PvE servers, destroying bases and base items will no longer yield any loot for the destroyer. Furthermore, if your base is destroyed on a PvE server by a player you will be refunded the cost (and any items stored in storage bins as well).
    • Rate at which unclaimed base items lose health has been increased.
    • Exo planets now have 4 return portals, only one of which is in the start area of the planet.

    • Fixed an issue that could cause not enough resources to be taken when building things.
      -SHOUTOUT: Mack and [>.FZ.<]Insomnia#donbit
    • Fixed an issue that could cause problems when combining stacks in the UI.
      -SHOUTOUT: Spyd3r-
    • When trying to travel/connect to a planet that is no longer in rotation you will correctly be allowed to go to your home planet instead.
    • Fixed possible exploit that could be used to make monsters damage shielded bases.
    • Fixed an issue allowing high rank items to be equipped by users who were not high enough.
      -SHOUTOUT: Jroc
    • Fixed base item destruction/tampering messages going to everyone in FoF 0 if you are also in FoF 0 (0 is the not in a group fof code).
    • Fixed an issue with drill platforms causing them not to turn on again after running out of fuel and then getting more.
    • Fixed vehicle factory allowing things to be built even though it was not powered.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause a player's inventory to get wiped out if they crashed while driving a vehicle.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause a server's population to report lower than it actually was.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause large vehicles to lose power in low lying areas on the home planet.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause backpack icons not to appear on the compass that should have been.
    • Fix Magmanite Boots costs
      -SHOUTOUT: GravMaster
    • Fix only the base wingsuit doing PlayerAbility 'Dive Bomb' damage
    • Fixed other players always playing out of breath sound
      -SHOUTOUT: Lirik
    • Night Killers on Moon now have their correct Elemental Material
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    hi, i was playing in the saharan planet(USA low lvl planet) and i went to the Siniester moon(USA moon planet)

    since the update i realized that everything i got in my inventory dissapeared, i thinked if i went again to the low lvl planet where i was i'll get my stuff back from a refound chest, and nothing happenes, every time i switched planets i get all my inventory erased, lost all my materials wich i spent hours farming, pls help, if anyone has the same problem or any admin support pls, thanks

    player name PrettyBoyPBM

    Please help i lost everything :(

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