GRAV: Reborn, Update 3

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    GRAV: Reborn Update 3

    *NOTICE* Area levels and caves have been re-rolled

    • More server performance improvements
    • The Home Planet Stargate BP is now avail. Tired of having to go back to those Pesky Return Portals? No Longer!
    • When viewing a blueprint via the inventory menu, text will display where you can build that item.
    • New Hat: Sana Mask
    • When you are are out of Stamina we now play an out of breath sound.
    • An incoming alert sound will now play when you using the PlayerAbility: 'Wingsuit Dive Bomb'
      -SHOUTOUT: [>.FZ.<]Insomnia#donbit
    • Reserach Stations now show the Job Required for the things you can research there.
      -SHOUTOUT: [OTG] NetBlaise and AsgarothSG

    • The AA Turret no longer has an upper level limit for when it drops
      -SHOUTOUT: DaOpa
    • We now additionally give you Rations for doing the F8 Reward Task
    • The PlayerAbility 'Winguit Dive Bomb' now does less damage to Players
    • Affix Explosive has had its radius reduced
    • Vendroids now sell Double Jump Boots
    • Monster projectiles sped up a bit

    • Fixed a Dupe Bug
      -SHOUTOUT: GravMaster
    • Fixed an exploit with lootcrates.
      -SHOUTOUT: HekatonCheires
    • Fixed an issue causing servers to think they had more people in them than they actually did
    • Fixed broken tooltips for skills/abilities in menus
    • Fix issues with PvP tracking
    • Fix some missing Affect Type Description text
    • Fixed Player Essence Drops being broken
    • Fix Traps not being able to be placed in your Hotbar to deploy them
      -SHOUTOUT: Deklyn Hunt
    • Fixed being able to open loot crates multiple times
    • Fixed exo planet cave levels being lower than they should have been
    • Fixed Desert Planet Level Range being incorrect
      -SHOUTOUT: Beast Incarnate
    • Fix for the floodlights turning off and never coming back on
      -SHOUTOUT: Ripperjk

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