GRAV: Reborn, Update 2 (Server performance and lots more)

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    GRAV: Reborn, Update 2 Notes


    • Many server side optimizations (to address lag issues on high population servers)
    • More client-side (rendering) performance improvements on the starter planet
    • New item! Pekket Run boots, increase movement speed.
    • Jobs and player abilities now have a tooltip for the full description text
    • When trying to join a planet which is full, an error message will appear indicating such as well as giving you a chance to retry.
    • New server option: ?HomePlanetOnly - will cause the broker to only start the home planet and skip all the exo planets

    • When killing Bombers, if you and your friends do more than 60% damage to it you will receive loot even if the bomber blows up on you
      -SHOUTOUT: GravMaster
    • Reduced the chance of dropping small rations
    • All of the various stims now have a chance of dropping
    • Fix Armor levels. Alien Tower Armor > Magmanite > NK
    • Increase density of sunstone on desert planets
    • Home planet now has some spots that have Sunstone and Tundrite
    • Increased drop rates for Horse Head Masks
    • When using the Uber Super Tank, you will do less damage
      -SHOUTOUT: [>.FZ.<]Insomnia#donbit
    • Magmanite stack limit increased to 5k
    • Base decay time lowered to 24 hours. (remember! upgrading the base item increases its base decay time, and things that are shielded or in shielded rooms never decay)
    • Increase drop rates on Stargates
    • Increase drop rates on Tech Hunter Crafting Materials

    • Fixed issues causing people to get bounced when trying to connect to servers for the first time
    • Fixed being able to build on top of rooms that are shielded but the shield does not fully encompass it
      -SHOUTOUT: GravMaster
    • Fixed some cases where if you were to take all from a storage bin and then disconnect or reconnect you could end up not saving and lose the items you took from the bin
      -SHOUTOUT: [>.FZ.<]Insomnia#donbit
    • Fixed various issues with combining stacks
    • Fixed some issues with world events
    • Fixed monster summoner (now actually summons things reliably)
    • Fixed issue causing timed out player bags to not get cleaned up
    • Fix knockback playerabilities not working against monsters
      -SHOUTOUT: Beast Incarnate
    • Fix Jump Stamina Cost Reduction Cost
    • Fixed job level requirements not showing on UI
    • Fix not being able to drop Rations and other items
      -SHOUTOUT: GravMaster
    • Fix not getting titles from killing other players
      MOTD_Text=-SHOUTOUT: GravMaster
    • Fix winguit divebomb killing vehicles
      MOTD_Text=-SHOUTOUT: GravMaster
    • Fix Bomber loot table only including pets
    • Can no longer use stargates without power
    • Fixed a crash occurring when some people attempted to open the F8 keybinds menu
      -SHOUTOUT: [UN] alphanuma
    • Fixed issues with base items that require fuel using a lot of it in a big chunk when adding more after a period of it being empty.
    • Fixed an issue with harvesters mining slower when nobody was near them.
    • Fixed loading screens being preempted by various other menus when they should not have been.
      -SHOUTOUT: [UN] alphanuma
    • Fixed players not being returned directly to the planet they were last on as intended.

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