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    Posted By Matt:
    As I mentioned in some other threads, we weren't able to get into the office yesterday and had to leave very early Monday due to weather conditions here (freezing rain is no fun). This has set us back a couple days on our patch schedule, but we're working as fast as we can to catch up.

    We will push another hotfix to patch 10 to fix issues people are seeing there in the next couple of days, and Patch 11 will be sometime after that.

    The distinction between the hotfix and patch 11 is that Patch 11 will contain a bunch of *NEW* stuff and the hotfix will be primarily bug fixes.

    We apologize for the delay and believe me when I say it pains us just as much as you guys to get knocked behind schedule. We got more snow today but are still at the office for the moment. Hopefully we survive the car ride home :)

    Thanks for your patience!
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