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    Nov 24, 2015
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    So, after barely a week of Grav i've had constant encounters with the server issues.
    The Online server list is defunct, Late April being the last update.
    The sorting of the servers is absolutely horrible. Why do i even see American, Australian and Asian servers in my list... This means a hell of a lot of more work for my client to talk to the server about and also greatly increasing the issues that can arise.

    I know theres a connect command for the console, however, since i cant find my server online i cant try to connect directly that way either...

    This type of issue's has cost me lots of enjoyable moments... Endless refreshing, rebuilding my base, starting over on new planets when i cant reach my server and having my bases plundered because i cant log on to refill my generator for over 1 day...

    Please fix these basic issues so we can enjoy the game /innoax

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