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  1. prasart12
    Hello All.
  2. Mina
    feeling shitty
  3. Greev
    Greev Kane Hart
    Hi Kane, was wondering if you could assist me? I am trying to make a ticker for our unofficial Grav server's website. Something like what GameTracker does for Ark an Minecraft etc. I cant seem to find anything of the sort for Grav. Do you know of any available or do you know if it is in the pipeline?
  4. Greev
    Greev - South African GRAV Server
  5. Kane Hart
    Kane Hart
    Sites still alive and we plan on staying :)
  6. mmcken23
    is htere any light source in this game?
    1. Spacecraft
      There's the fires you can place, a pet that follows you and emits light, and the flood lights you can build and place. There might be more but that's what I've discovered so far.
      Oct 4, 2015
  7. onoshi
    onoshi Kane Hart
    Can you Ban some one or give someone a warning on one of your servers? there is a guy no idea how he got so many resources and tbh idc so much as how he did exploit or not but he is using all his resources to grief people on other home worlds by building towers of lag filled with only turrets flood lights and laser fences, which is cause the server itself huge lag and making peoples fps drop between 1-10
  8. .fexXx[o.O]
    .fexXx[o.O] Kane Hart
    Any Update on when the patch for 15.1 on Cen 01 will be?
  9. ac30fspad35
    i dont like night killers ;-;
  10. ac30fspad35
  11. jimbobslimbob
    Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast.
  12. Xandos
  13. stanash
    stanash jimbobslimbob
    Could you assist me a bit more in understanding the 3rd island option? I made the edit to those 3 lines, changing them from 1 to 2, and there still is no 3rd island.
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  14. HekatonCheires
    die toaster! die!
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  15. Jector
    3 members online now and 7 robots. We can't let the toasters win!
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  16. Palindromes
    Can't find Star Gate Blue Print, at all
    1. [Hozy] Cossack1977
      [Hozy] Cossack1977
      About 5 of us got ours within a few minutes. Seemed to drop easy off lvl 20ish Techs. By the time we got to the moon a few lv 18's and 19's were already there.
      Feb 1, 2015
    2. ZwyklyCham
      On many servers it's broken. Don't know the reason.
      Feb 4, 2015
  17. EvilNickolas
    The combat logging system is totally horrible.. the server should keep your body for 20sec and only drop your stuff if you die in that time!
    1. elLiens
      They already work on this, and will be updated in next patch.
      Feb 6, 2015
    2. EvilNickolas
      it sould not have been put in at all if it was not ready.
      Feb 7, 2015
  18. Palindromes
    Definitely didn't sleep long enough, got to go to work still!
  19. jimbobslimbob
    is running on fumes.
  20. EvilNickolas
    Any one else having problems with hackers spawning millions of landmines everywhere?